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    In this section, we bring to your attention a number of chosen web sites, which may be of help solving some legal issues.
The official web site of the Slovak Bar Council, which unites all lawyers in the Slovak Republic.
It contains all of the legal statutes of the Slovak Republic, accepted by the Slovak National Council, in their original versions with the complete wording of the chosen legal statutes.
A web site containing a list of all commercial companies and other entities that are registered into the Business Register of the Slovak Republic, together with basic information about individual companies and the content of the Book of Acts.
A web site containing a list of all self-employed people that conduct business, under a trade licence, together with some basic information.
A web site providing the majority of information available at the Slovak Cadastre of Properties.
The official web site of the Slovak Ministry of Justice; as well other information, it also contains a search of legal regulations, judicial decisions, judicatory, a list of legal experts, interpreters, translators, administrators of bankruptcy assets, notaries, executors, addressees and contacts for courts, etc.

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