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    We offer you complete versions of a number of legal regulations in the Slovak Republic, which may be of help to you.
    Please note that we continuously update these legal regulations.

Constitution of the Slovak Republic

Constitution of the Slovak Republic, Act No. 460/1990 Coll.
It is the fundamental law of the state, it is the regulation of the highest legal power and it is superior to all legal regulations within the Slovak Republic. All other legal regulations, of the Slovak Republic, have to be in compliance with the Slovak Constitution.


Civil Code

Civil Code, Act No. 40/1964 Coll.
It is the fundamental legal regulation in the area of tangible civil law, arranging civil relations between physical and juridical persons. It contains general provisions, amendments of material laws, damage accountability and unjustified enrichment, amendment of inheritance, general amendment of debenture terms, amendments of chosen type of contracts, i.e. purchase contracts, work contracts, loan contracts, etc.


Civil Court Order

Civil Court, Act Order No. 99/1963 Coll.
It is a legal regulation amending the civil court process or proceedings. It arranges court procedure and the participants in the court procedure, where the courts hear and arbitrate litigation and other legal matters that follow civil, working, family, business and economic relations, if according to the Law no other authorities can hear and arbitrate these matters.


Commercial Code

Commercial Code, Act No. 513/1991 Coll.
It is a fundamental legal regulation, amending commercial-law relations, containing the basic definition of conducting business, the business organisation, the arrangement of conducting business by foreign people in the Slovak Republic, the arrangement of competition and unfair competition and the business register. It also amends individual types of business organisations and associations, as well as business debenture relations and certain types of contracts, i.e. purchase contracts, work contracts, warehousing contracts, mandate contracts, credit contracts and others.


Criminal Law

Criminal Law, Act No. 300/2005 Coll.
The general section contains provisions concerning the basics of criminal accountability, punishments, protective measures and their infliction. A separate section of Criminal Law contains criminal acts - factors of individual criminal acts.


Code of Criminal Procedure

Code of Criminal Procedure, Act No. 311/2005 Coll.
It is a procedural regulation that amends the actions of the authorities, active in criminal proceedings and courts. It contains general provisions, the rights and obligations of the defendant, the injured party and participants, general provisions concerning the acts of criminal action, confinement of people and objects, argumentation and evidential means, rulings and revisory means, and amendments of individual phases of a criminal proceeding (before the court proceedings and during court proceedings), special revisory means, executory proceedings and legal contact abroad.


Act No. 36/2005 Coll. concerning the Family

The Act concerning the Family is the fundamental legal regulation of Family Law that amends the establishment and termination of marriage, divorce, relationships between parents and children, the determination and negation of paternity, arrangements of alimony, adoption, etc.


Labour Code

Labour Code, Act No. 311/2001 Coll.


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